In March 2023 Cognition Education hosted an event in Auckland called Refreshed Curriculum in an Urban World. This keynote by Dr. Lindsey Conner was part of the event.

The event 

Te Mātaiaho acknowledges the nation’s growing diversity with a call to leadership to bring alive communities rich whakapapa and history of knowledge, traditions, and cultures.

This workshop is critical for school leaders in Tāmaki Mākaurau who cater for a community that is made up of 42% of people who were born overseas.

Join Cognition Education to explore how to develop, embed, and sustain a local curriculum that weaves together the shared vision and aspirations of diverse communities in a bicultural urban educational context.

Keynotes will explore:

– Weaving together knowledge, skills, and dispositions in the curriculum

– Weaving people, history, and culture in education

– Refreshed curriculum in a bicultural and diverse urban setting

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