Providing Curriculum PLD for schools across Aotearoa, New Zealand  


Providing Curriculum PLD for schools across Aotearoa,
New Zealand 

Our Curriculum Expertise

Curriculum professional learning and development for teachers and school leaders is crucial for ensuring the delivery of quality education.

By fostering continuous professional growth, educators can stay abreast of evolving educational practices and pedagogical approaches, enabling them to effectively implement refreshed curricular frameworks.

These initiatives provide opportunities for educators to engage in collaborative learning, explore innovative teaching methodologies, and integrate technology into their instructional strategies.

Through supporting reflective practices, we help you to create a culture of excellence. Advising on appropriate approaches to teaching can inspire improved student achievement while at the same time, meeting the diverse needs of learners in today’s dynamic educational landscape. 

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Mathematics and Statistics  



Aotearoa NZ Histories 

Digital technologies  

Assessment for learning  

Mathematics and Statistics

At Cognition, we’re dedicated to enhancing the teaching and learning of Mathematics in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Our team can support maths specialists with: 

  • NCEA numeracy co-requisites 
  • Contextualising and implementing the Mathematics and Statistics Achievement Standards 
  • Curriculum refresh, aligned with school-wide maths programme development 
  • Planning for successful learning and acceleration 
  • Assessing and advancing learner progressions

Over the years, we’ve assisted schools to make significant improvements in math proficiency and learning outcomes. Our expertise equips educators with the tools they need to bring out the best in their students. 

Are you looking to enhance your understanding of mathematics and discover innovative teaching approaches? 

“Our Board noticed the shift in mathematics data school wide, and our team leaders all discussed the excellent PD they’ve been getting from Cognition.” 

– Edeh Sullivan, Deputy Principal at Clevedon School



Effective language acquisition requires schools to introduce a coordinated approach for oral language, reading, and writing proficiency.

Our team is here to support your school’s leaders and teachers in establishing a sustainable and inclusive literacy culture that nurtures students’ confidence. 

Collaborating closely with you, our Literacy experts will assess your current practices and capabilities, tailoring a literacy approach that aligns with your school’s unique culture and community.  

Our expert literacy specialists can support your team with:  

  • Structured literacy pedagogies and approach
  • The new literacy co-requisites and NCEA Achievement Standards
  • Refreshed English curriculum planning across all phases of learning 
  • Evidence based and other best practice pedagogies and approaches 
  • Inclusive literacy planning to accelerate all learners 
  • Assessment for Learning in Literacy  
  • English as a second language

Are you looking to improve your schools English curriculum strategy?

Assessment for Learning  

Improving assessment in schools is crucial for fostering learning and well-being, shaping local curricula, and enhancing student progress.

Our Assessment for Learning Professional Learning and Development equips schools with expertise to maximize the value of assessment data. With a deep understanding of educational settings, we help design effective assessment practices, offering guidance on innovative tools and procedures for informed decision-making.

Our consultants work directly with faculty to ensure a comprehensive understanding of assessment data, devising and implementing strategies that empower students in their learning journey.

Our Areas of Expertise: 

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Alignment with Local Curriculum 
  • Systems Improvement 
  • Student-Centred Methodologies 
  • Mathematics Assessment 
  • Literacy Assessment 
  • De-streaming 

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of assessment in driving meaningful educational growth and development.

“The Assessment for Learning processes facilitated by Cognition Education stimulated reflection and motivated the further pursuit of knowledge by teachers in our Kāhui Ako and our teachers have definitely increased their capacity to influence learning.” 

Garry de Thierry

Principal, Rotorua Intermediate School

Aotearoa NZ Histories

The Aotearoa New Zealand histories curriculum is a significant component of Te Mātaiaho, and aims to create opportunities for local communities to share their stories. 

Talking about Aotearoa NZ histories can be challenging or confronting. We are here to help facilitate these important conversations by creating an emotionally safe environment where everyone can acknowledge and talk about their aspirations and challenges.  

Our team have experience supporting all different kinds of schools and kura to develop and implement local curriculum – and while no school is identical, we have many examples of approaches that have transformed teachers’ and students’ thinking and outcomes. 

If you are looking for a critical friend to support you with the Aotearoa New Zealand histories curriculum, contact us today.  

Digital Technologies  

Digital technologies in Aotearoa New Zealand can facilitate interactive and personalised learning experiences for akonga, fostering engagement and creativity in the classroom. 

Teachers require professional learning and development with digital technologies to enhance their competencies in integrating innovative tools, fostering digital literacy, promoting online safety, and adapting instructional strategies – to effectively engage and support students in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. 

That’s where Cognition’s Learning with Digital Technology expertise comes in. Our approach aims to empower teachers and students through: 

  • Digital citizenship, 
  • Digital fluency,  
  • Curriculum digitisation, and eLearning. 

We know it can be hard to keep up with technology demands, and we are here to help. Get in touch today.