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This PLD can be funded by the Ministry of Education, but you will need an Application Reference Number. If you aren't eligible for funding, you can still enrol in this course and we will invoice you directly. Complete your details below and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

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*If you are eligible for MOE funding and already have your Application Reference Number please enter it.
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Terms and Conditions 1. If you are eligible for MOE funding you will need an Application Reference Number (ARN), obtained from your funding application in order to register for this programme. 2. We are required to meet minimum attendee numbers, which means we may need to alter locations, dates, postpone or cancel. However, we will try our hardest to accommodate you.

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Our consultants are expert PLD facilitators and have developed rich learning opportunities that will empower Teacher Aides across New Zealand.

Funding process

Follow the MOE directions for funding:

  • have your ESL handy
  • apply for funding via an online form

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Please send us:

  • your application reference number as confirmation of your funding and
  • a copy of your application approval confirmation email

Invoicing and Reimbursement

Cognition will invoice the MOE for your course costs, and once the course has been completed the MOE will reimburse your school for any wage costs, travel and accommodation that has been detailed in your application.

Visit the Ministry of Education website for full details here

For any enquiries regarding Teacher Aide PLD funding or your application, please get in touch with the Ministry: TeacherAide.PLD@education.govt.nz