Portland School

10 Portland School Road, Portland, Northland 0178

Portland, Northland, NZ, 0178

Developing students’ talents in problem-solving and real-world solution finding is integral to learning in the 21st Century and beyond.

According to the New Zealand Productivity Commission (2020) we must “assist New Zealanders to both gain the most from innovation and adapt effectively to change.”

Cognition Education consultant, Rebecca Thomas invites leaders to reflect on their STEAM journey to date and to discuss ways to ensure that the integration of STEAM learning is tailored to their specific school context.

This workshop will enable leaders to evaluate success and identify which problem-solving strategies are needed in order to maximize achievement gains through multidimensional thinking and excellent pedagogy. 

Bring back new skills and knowledge to the rest of your teaching staff with our two key inquiry areas:

“How can we engage all students in problem-solving through STEAM?”

“How can teachers use a wide range of design principles to build learning experiences connected to their learner’s identity and needs?”

Come along and learn about how your school can benefit from a STEAM programme that is contextualised, culturally responsive and aligned with your local curriculum.