Join Heather Lewis from Cognition Education for a practical mathematics webinar.

Measurement comprises an important set of concepts that are fundamental for students to competently navigate and work with objects and structures within their physical environment. Despite their importance, these concepts are difficult for students to grasp.

This workshop will explore practical and engaging activities that will support students’ concepts of measurement within the context of measuring length. This workshop will explore measurement concepts across Levels 1 to 4 of the New Zealand Curriculum.

This webinar is designed to support school teachers build practical classroom skills. We welcome beginning teachers, classroom teachers and faculty leaders to join us.

About your hostHeather Lewis is an accredited PLD consultant with Cognition Education. She is experienced in co-constructing professional development solutions with schools, based firmly on current research and evidence that support the core principles of the New Zealand Curriculum. Heather’s passion is to help school leaders and teachers challenge their own mathematics teaching practices and strengthen mathematics learning that is centred on cognitively challenging problem solving and rich tasks that span the broader curriculum. Heather is currently the National Leader for Programmes for Students (ALiM and MST).