Collaborative Impact Programme


Cognition’s Collaborative Impact Programme is a framework for networks of schools that are looking to grow capability.

We understand the challenges faced in education are complex, outcomes are often harder to achieve for some groups of learners, with barriers to improvement often deeply entrenched.

The strategic aim of the Collaborative Impact Programme is to ensure teaching and leadership interactions support all learners to be motivated and engaged.

When this aim is met, education systems, networks and communities see acceleration in student attendance, engagement, retention, progress and achievement.

“The rollout of CIP across the Government sector in the Northern Territory is having a measurable impact on our NAPLAN data.”


Ken Davies,
Chief Executive, Northern Territory Department of Education
Northern territory

The Collaborative Impact Programme is one of the most powerful change frameworks in education today.

It’s powerful because it’s completely customisable, recognising your unique context and adapting to suit. The programme is informed by global research into ‘what works’ to accelerate student progress and achievement and builds a framework for networks of schools that are looking to grow capability.

Our Collaborative Impact Programme team will work with you to combine our knowledge of this research with your understanding of what works in your context to design the best approach for your desired educational outcomes. Together, we can equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximise their progress and achievement.


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